Friday, June 27, 2008

The Most Beautiful Night in the World

What does one expect, exactly, from a three-hour movie about sex?

Well, certainly not two hours of a newly-transferred reporter trying to earn his way back to the city by finding a scoop on any one of the village locals.

The story basically goes as follows. Many years ago, the Jomon tribe maintained an paralleled birth rate due to their use of powerful aphrodisiacs. Eventually, they were slaughtered by jealous neighboring tribes who weren't getting laid. Years later, a medium with a lethal embrace and a terrorist master of the art of hung fu rediscover the source of the Jomon's power.

There's a lot going on in this movie, but very little to tell: it's good, it's fun, it's unique, and it makes you want to save the world through shagging.

* * * R A T I N G * * *

The Most Beautiful Night in the World (NYAFF)

Wince : [*____]
Flinch : [**___]
Retch : [**___]
Gape : [****_]

Beerequisite : [***__]
Pornability : [***__]
Obscurity : [***__]
Explicability : [****_]

Catchphrase: Jomon Power!

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