Friday, August 5, 2011


Attack the Block and Super8 make for a fantastic double-feature, though the former kicks the pants off the latter.

OK, mindless blind gorilla-wolf aliens swarm through a council estate (aka the projects). The local, er, citizenry take matters into their own hands, partly out of pride, but mostly due to a learned distrust of civic authorities.

It's not a deep film, to be sure, but it's not afraid to be morally ambiguous, and the dialogue is outstanding. Yeah, the ending was a bit cheezy, but there was some restraint there.

* * * R A T I N G * * *

Attack the Block(IMDB)

 Wince : [**___]
 Flinch : [**___]
 Retch : [**___]
 Gape : [***__]

 Beerequisite : [****_]
 Pornability : [_____] (**** for gorilla-wolf aliens)
 Obscurity : [*____]
 Explicability : [****_]

Best hope for a spin-off series:  Mayhem & Probs

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