Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ben Franklin, dolphin eater

Friday, Sept. 2.
This morning the wind changed; a little fair. We caught a couple of dolphins, and fried them for dinner. They eat indifferent well.
Wednesday, Sept. 7.
The wind is somewhat abated, but the sea is very high still. A dolphin kept us company all this afternoon; we struck at him several times, but could not take him.

Friday, Sept. 9.
This afternoon we took four large dolphins, three with a hook and line, and the fourth we struck with a fizgig. The bait was a candle with two feathers stuck in it, one on each side, in imitation of a flying-fish, which are the common prey of the dolphins. They appeared extremely eager and hungry, and snapped up the hook as soon as ever it touched the water. When we came to open them, we found in the belly of one a small dolphin, half digested. Certainly they were half-famished, or are naturally very savage, to devour those of their own species.
Saturday, Sept. 10.
This day we dined upon the dollphins we caught yesterday, three of them sufficing the whole ship, being twenty-one persons.

Ben Franklin's Journal: Voyage

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