Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Ah yes, the vagina dentata. Feared foe of virile young men since... some time ago when they spoke Latin.

The story is straightforward, as one would expect: girl is born with two sets of teeth, reaches adolescence, and every boy with less than pure intentions gets emasculated with extreme prejudice. Yawn.

Good script, good visuals, and some jabs at abstinence-only education end up making this film a lot more enjoyable than it would seem. The vagina dentata itself does not, alas, make an on-screen appearance, which is a bit disturbing given the number of dismembered members bouncing around the floor, but understandable once the director has explained that his mentor was Camille Paglia.

* * * R A T I N G * * *

Teeth (IMDB)

Wince : [***__]
Flinch : [****_]
Retch : [***__]
Gape : [**___]

Beerequisite : [*****]
Pornability : [**___]
Obscurity : [**___]
Explicability : [****_]

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